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How to Brew Iced Tea at Home

How to Brew Iced Tea at Home

When an American inadvertently popularized iced tea at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, he had no idea it would leave a national legacy in its wake. The story is that the creator planned to give samples of his hot tea away to fair visitors, but it was so hot in St. Louis that summer that fair visitors seemed uninterested. To make the drink appeal to the fairgoers, he dumped ice into his hot tea and the rest is history. Today, we’ve elevated the fresh-brewed iced tea experience with our Iced Tea Pouches! Each pouch brews a half-gallon of epic iced tea — easy peasy lemon squeezy!

2 Iced Tea Brewing Methods 

  1. Quick Concentrate Method:

    Steep 1 pouch for 3-5 minutes in 1 pint of hot water (note the specific steeping time and temp on the packaging) with constant agitation; Remove bag & squeeze excess; Add 3 pints of cold filtered water; Serve over ice; Refrigerate between uses.


  2. Cold Brew Method:

    Steep 1 pouch in 2 quarts of cold filtered water for 6-10 hours (ideally in the refrigerator overnight); Remove bag & squeeze excess; Serve over ice; Refrigerate between uses.

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  • Love your tea and cold brew method for summer! I’ve been making it for years but I call it “solar tea” or sun tea! Colorado sun makes it so quick and easy! Amazing goodness!

    Donna Zemcik

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