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Parallel 17 Restaurant Serves The Tea Spot Teas!

Starting back in May Parallel Seventeen started serving The Tea Spot teas! Parallel 17 is a restaurant where quality, taste and style all coordinate well together in a Vietnamese cuisine.  The plates are not only delicious, where you want to savor every bite (and you do, I’ve eaten there and didn’t want dinner to end) but they’re gorgeous to boot, and not in that over the top pretentious way.  Therefore, it was the perfect fit for our gourmet loose leaf teas.

Image by Andrea Doenges
Image by Andrea Doenges

The server will present the table with four of our teas, Earl of Grey (black tea), Boulder Blues (green tea), Meditative Mind (white tea) and Red Rocks (herbal tea), in a simple and classy display.  Once the customer decides on what tea they’d like to drink, they are treated to a tasty finish to their meal, almost a subsitution for a dessert I daresay.  I highly recommend going to try this restaurant yourself, not only for their teas, though we wouldn’t mind if you did, but to have a fun and tasty experience in uptown Denver.

Parellel Seventeen is located at 1600 East 17th Avenue, Denver 80218

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