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Tea Biz: Adaptogens and Tea

Tea Biz Podcast | June 24, 2021

In this podcast episode Marilyn Zink of Herbal Collective Magazine interviews Maria Uspenski, CEO of The Tea Spot, about the benefits of herbal adaptogens and tea. Listen to this podcast interview.

Summary: Maria discusses her personal discovery of adaptogenic herbs and her daily use routine. She explains the science and research behind these powerful herbs, and elaborates on the processes of creating the three adaptogenic herbal teas that recently launched in her Women's Tea Collection to support women throughout different potential stages of life: PMS, motherhood, and menopause. She also explains her impetus for launching The Tea Spot's first herbal adaptogenic tea during the pandemic, Ashwagandha Chai.

Adaptogens and Tea


Featured by Dan Bolton in the Tea Biz Podcast

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