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Tea-Infused Eggs

I know that tea isn’t a new thing in this world, though it may be relatively new to some of us, but I’m still constantly amazed when I find new and creative ways to enjoy it. When I ran across this recipe for Tea-Infused Eggs from appetiteforchina.com, I had that same amazed reaction. I’m constantly trying to work tea into new drink mixes, new food dishes, new times of the day. Never once had I thought of tea-infused eggs, but it sure seems like a delicious idea to me! I just had to pass it along. This recipe mentions Pu-Erh, which sounds incredible, but it’s always my nature to stretch the limits of things: how about Lapsang Souchong, our Bolder Breakfast Blend, or maybe even Hojicha?

Chinese Tea Eggs (www.apetiteforchina.com)
Chinese Tea Eggs (www.apetiteforchina.com)

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