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The Year of the Dragon(well)

Happy Chinese New Year to our friends on that great continent. Thanks for all the tea!

Here’s The Year of the Dragon kicking in, taken in Shanghai:


We’ve got two Dragons in the office here (Jessica & Yours Truly), and we’re hearing it’s supposed to be a good year for us. We’ve been drinking so many great Chinese green teas this winter, which is an excellent way to start of 2012 on the right foot. Of course, this is the year of the Dragon, which means I’m drinking a lot of Dragonwell (because I’m like that). If you haven’t tried Dragonwell before, now is the time. These beautiful, broad Lung Ching leaves brew into a pale green infusion and produce a liquor that tastes delicate, fresh, and slightly sweet.

But here’s what I’m really excited about this year. Our new Organic Clouds & Mist has to be one of my favorite teas on our list. Picked from young buds, the leaves of this Yun Wu are gorgeous. This tea has a great front and a sweet finish that will hang around and make itself comfortable in your mouth. It carries the freshness of a spring harvest alongside a deep vegetal tone that Maria accurately dubbed “reminiscent of roasted artichokes.” This is my kind of loose leaf tea–strong but delicate, assertive but sweet (just how I like my women). Har har.


Happy New Year and Happy Sipping!

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