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Each of our tea sachets hold a generous portion of full leaf tea, so you can now drink a mug of ultra-premium tea with convenience. These large pyramid bags give whole leaf tea room to expand to a full flavor and aroma. Plus they’re compostable, making the whole process simple and eco-friendly.
  • Pyramid Sachet Sampler
    Pyramid Sachet Sampler
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  • Bolder Breakfast Sachets
    Bolder Breakfast Sachets
    $11.95 - $50.00
  • Morning Mojo Sachets, Organic
    Morning Mojo Sachets, Organic
    $6.99 - $60.00
  • Pu'erh Sachets, Organic
    Pu'erh Sachets, Organic
    $10.95 - $50.00
  • Rise & Chai Sachets
    Sachet tea bag of whole Rise and Chai black pu'erh tea with The Tea Spot logo printed on it's tag in front of loose leaf tea.
    $12.95 - $54.00
  • Russian Caravan Sachets, Organic
    Russian Caravan Sachets, Organic
    $13.95 - $60.00
  • Wild Harvest Green Pu’erh Sachets
    Wild Harvest Green Pu’erh Sachets
    $14.95 - $66.00