“Colorado Classique” cookbook launches with Tea Spot recipe included!

“Colorado Classique” new beautiful new Jr League of Denver cookbook launched today! Tea Spot’s included with our “Boulder Blues Sparkler” recipe & a sidebar on “how to make tea”. As sponsors, we were invited to the launch party this week. And because our Tea Spot Chef is off at chef school, it was my younger daughter Anna and I who got to attend and represent our Company. What an exquisite party – filled with gracious and happy people filled with a sense of accomplishment – with good reason, at that – the cookbook is not only gorgeous and beautifully laid out, but we got to sample many of the altitude-recipes at the event. Just yummy – too many favorites to remember them all here, but some of mine were the Champagne Mojito, Fire and Ice Watermelon Salsa, Chilled Strawberry soup, Roasted Lamb with Garlic, Crab Pad Thai and Almond Raspberry Bars… good thing it doens’t happen but once every few years! Thank You, Patricia Bainter from The Junior League, for your support of our local Woman-owned and operated business, and for allowing me to share this most special event with my daughter. And needless to say, we’re thrilled that loose leaf tea, and our company, are now a part of the prestigious Colorado Cookbook legacy from the JLD!


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