B Corp Certified

Mission-driven business, where all stakeholders matter

B Corp Certified Since 2011

The Tea Spot, a Public Benefit Corporation, is B Corp certified. We were one of the earliest companies to become certified in Colorado, and are recognized for our work as a leader in the movement of using our business as a force for goodness in community.




What does it mean for The Tea Spot to be a B Corp? Our B Corp certification provides the assurance that the fulfillment of our 10% for Wellness pledge aligns with its goals. The 3rd party evaluation offers transparency that our customers and business partners value and which motivates us to elevate our impact on the community.



How does a business become B Corp certified? Companies may choose to undergo a rigorous assessment to evaluate whether they’re fulfilling their mission using best-in-class standards and processes that elevate all stakeholders, including workers, suppliers, community and the environment. Those who succeed can become certified.


Redefining Success

At The Tea Spot, we define success in our business as a function of the breadth of our impact in promoting wellness through tea. Being a top tier B Corp “Best For The World - Community” honoree, we’re inspired to extend this reach to many more millions of people around the globe.