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As your Private Label partner, The Tea Spot can bring your tea product to fruition. The advantages to doing a private label tea product are that start-up costs, including R&D investment and lead times, are greatly reduced or even eliminated. Your brand is what differentiates your business in the marketplace. Going private label will make your tea revenues more immediate, and allows your business to focus entirely on building and marketing your brand. Taking the private label route is also a good way to initially test the market with tea, even if you decide to bring it in-house sometime in the future. 

With The Tea Spot, you will find a partner who is willing to share, and not just treat you like a contract customer. When doing private label, clients should get the full benefit from all their partner’s prior successes and failures, so that when they launch their product they hit the market running, like an experienced tea company. You want to choose a private label tea partner who can take all the new work on, so you can focus on and successfully execute your go-to-market strategy.


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“6 Key Questions to Consider in the Process of Selecting a Private Label Tea Partner”, excerpts from an interview with The Tea Spot CEO, Maria Uspenski

Why choose to do a private label specialty tea for your brand?

Premium tea products are one of the key emerging trends in the global tea market. Tea makes an attractive complement to many brands, and is a natural choice for companies looking to promote well-being. Private label has grown rapidly in recent years as more businesses recognize the market opportunities, reasonable costs and profit margins in tea – which can be twice as high as the margins on coffee. As the wellness and organic market categories continue to expand, brands find value in are extending their lines to appeal to sustainable and healthy lifestyles. 


What is your desired cost point? 

Are you prepared to take on the minimum order quantity required for a private label tea product? Will your tea be a giveaway, or a product you intend to commercialize and have a positive ROI on? Do you plan to reorder on an ongoing basis, or will this be a one-time offering?  All of these considerations are important thresholds in guiding your private label partnership. 


Do you have an intention for your tea product established?

You don’t need to have a formulated tea blend before approaching your potential private label partner. It helps to streamline the process and ensure your satisfaction in the final result, however, if you have a clear intention of how you’d like for customers to perceive your tea. For example - will it help people feel uplifted and energized, satisfy a sweet tooth, or support them in getting to a pleasant state of relaxation? Or will it give your customers a feeling of being refreshed, or remind them of a far-away place or time? Or are you planning to do a functional tea such as a detox, energy, sleepy, matcha or turmeric blend? The right private label partner will have the skills to bring your well-established vision to fruition.


Are you planning to use any special ingredients?

Does your tea vision concept include functional ingredients or special tea types? Are you looking to use a rare or wild-harvested tea type or herb, or adaptogen in your tea blend? Or another ingredient which your private label partner may not stock? Are you planning to have flavoring added to your tea?


What certifications will you require?

For example, will you want your product to be certified organic, kosher, non-GMO, or gluten-free? It's important to work with facilities that are certified to meet your dietary and allergen restrictions, with 100% passing rate of 3rd party inspections.


What form factor will you choose to package and present your tea product?

Are you planning to do loose leaf tea, pyramid sachets, or other tea bags? Is your tea going into foodservice? Will you need individually wrapped sachets to maintain fresh single-servings? Will you require retail-ready packaging? Will you want to market branded tea accessories with your tea?

Have a business?

We'd love to discuss your upcoming tea projects and business needs. Please fill out the form below to tell us more about your project specs, and at the same time learn about our private label operations, lead times, and minimums. We look forward to hearing from you!

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