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We partner with brands to develop custom tea blends & co-pack premium pyramid tea bags & overwrapped tea bags

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At The Tea Spot, we welcome partnerships to help you create and co-pack compelling tea offerings. Our pyramid tea bags bring convenience to premium whole leaf tea. These biodegradable sachets can hold the same high-quality tea leaves we offer loose in bulk and provide ample room for the expansion of the large leaves that characterize premium handcrafted teas.

Pyramid sachets can be packed in bulk, or individually wrapped in airtight envelope wrappers to maximize freshness. Overwrap tea bags are suitable for any environment which demands a fast-paced tea experience without compromise for premium quality. You can bring additional impact to your brand by choosing custom-printed tag material and overwraps for your tea sachets.

Custom Tea Blends for OEM Tea Sachets — with The Tea Spot CEO, Maria Uspenski

Q: What are pyramid tea bags and overwrap tea bags? 

A: Our premium-sized pyramid bags give whole leaf tea room to expand to a full flavor and aroma, as the patented open-weave sachet material allows unrestricted full-bodied infusions. Plus they’re biodegradable, making the whole process perfectly simple and eco-friendly. 

Our overwrap tea bags are individually foil wrapped pyramid tea bags.

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