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The Skimm - 15 Products Any Sleep-Deprived Parent Needs ASAP

Originally published by Emma Coburn, Margo Ghertner, and Alexandra Napoli for The Skimm. You can read the full article here: 15 Products Any Sleep-Deprived Parent Needs ASAP. You obsess(ed) over your baby’s sleep environment, checking the monitor every few seconds and buying sound machines, blackout shades, Instagram sleep courses, and seven different brands of sleepsacks. Now it’s time to do the same thing for yourself…minus the sleepsacks. (Unless that’s your thing, of course.) Here are a few products that will help make (your) bedtime a dream.Lights Out Tea A caffeine-free tea to help you wind down… A nighttime cup is an ideal,...

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Leading the Charge: The Tea Spot's Journey as a Women-Owned Tea Business

As a women-owned tea business, The Tea Spot brings a unique blend of purpose and passion to the industry. Led by our CEO Maria Uspenski, we're reshaping the world of tea with a keen focus on wellness, sustainability, and inclusivity. We champion high-quality loose leaf tea, innovative Steepware, and healthful functional blends. From our commitment to donate 10% of all profits to wellness programs to our status as a certified B Corp, we're dedicated to making a positive impact on both tea lovers and the wider community. Explore our journey and join us in savoring not just the taste, but...

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green tea mug with stainless steel infuser in foreground

Well and Good - 49 Best Gifts for Tea Lovers That They’ll Love So *Matcha*

There's nothing better than starting the morning to a piping hot cup of tea. After all, it is the best beverage (sorry, coffee drinkers). There are so many flavors to choose from (it's like picking a video game player): spiced chai, earthy green tea, quintessential black tea, and so much more. If you've got friends or family who can't get enough of their tea time, now's the perfect occasion to embark on your holiday shopping journey, and you've come to the right place. We've looked high and low for the best gifts for tea lovers and curated a 49-item list filled with...

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yahoo! news a hand removes an infuser from a tea mug

Yahoo News - 7 Products for Soft Life Living

Soft life seems to be a trend — or now, lifestyle mantra — that just won’t disappear from social media. Of course, it all starts with adopting a mentality of ease and an everyday routine that prioritizes moments of intentional happiness, but it doesn’t hurt owning the right products that further facilitate that vibe. [...]   Adequate rest is essential for living a soft life and The Tea Spot is bringing us one step closer to our dreams – literally — with their “Lights Out” Organic Sleepy Bedtime Tea. It’s “caffeine-free, naturally sweetened with licorice root, softened with lavender, chamomile, and...

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