Yahoo News - 7 Products for Soft Life Living

Soft life seems to be a trend — or now, lifestyle mantra — that just won’t disappear from social media. Of course, it all starts with adopting a mentality of ease and an everyday routine that prioritizes moments of intentional happiness, but it doesn’t hurt owning the right products that further facilitate that vibe. [...]
a bag of tea that reads Lights out with tea bags and loose leaf tea in front


Adequate rest is essential for living a soft life and The Tea Spot is bringing us one step closer to our dreams – literally — with their “Lights Out” Organic Sleepy Bedtime Tea. It’s “caffeine-free, naturally sweetened with licorice root, softened with lavender, chamomile, and peppermint leaves, and sprinkled with valerian root for a dose of dreamy satisfaction.”

Article by Jadriena Solomon originally published in Yahoo News can be found here: 7 Products for Soft Life Living 

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