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Tea Recommendations Based on Flavor Profiles

If You Like Chocolate Flavors

Try Our Bolder Breakfast Blend: Indulge in the rich, robust flavor of Bolder Breakfast tea! This award-winning breakfast blend features a smooth combination of strong black and aged Pu'erh teas from high altitude estates in China, India, and Sri Lanka, along with dark chocolate essence. With its high caffeine content and bold flavor profile, Bolder Breakfast tea is the perfect coffee alternative.

If You Like Vanilla Sweet Flavors

Try Morning Mojo: Start your day with a boost from Morning Mojo! This breakfast blend combines organic Pu-erh and black teas, accented with the sweetness of vanilla and the zest of organic orange peel. It's a delightful coffee alternative that energizes and aids digestion.

If You Like Strawberry Rhubarb

Try Our Boulder Blues: Enjoy the smooth, refreshing taste of Boulder Blues, our best-selling handcrafted green tea blend. It combines Japanese sencha and Chinese dragonwell with wild strawberries and rhubarb flavors for a luxurious aroma and brisk, vivid flavor.

If You Like Spicy Ginger Flavors

Try Turmeric Tonic: Nurturing yourself is delicious with Turmeric Tonic. This detox tea blends ginger, turmeric, sarsaparilla, and nettle, supporting joint health and reducing inflammation. It's an award-winning choice for a healthy diet and lifestyle.

If You Like Sweet Fruity Licorice

Try Hibiscus Cucumber: Hydrate with the organic hibiscus petals in Hibiscus Cucumber. Infused with citrusy lime, cooling cucumber, soothing sage, sweet licorice, and fennel, it's a juicy cleansing tea that's refreshing both hot and iced.

If You Like Citrusy Earthy Flavors

Try Lemon Sage: Find tranquility with Lemon Sage tea, blending the invigorating energy of citrus with calming, earthy sage. Lemon balm and lemongrass add a lemony freshness and a lively finish. It's not just a delightful brew; it's an act of self-care.

Looking for a Discontinued Tea? We've Got You Covered!

Loved Sweet Magnolia Green? Try Jasmine Petals or Jasmine Pearls: If you enjoyed the floral elegance of Sweet Magnolia Green, our Jasmine Petals and Jasmine Pearls teas are perfect for you. Jasmine Petals offers an enticing cup with organic green tea leaves and jasmine fragrance, ideal for savoring both hot and iced. Alternatively, Jasmine Pearls feature high-grade green tea delicately scented with jasmine and hand-rolled into pearls that unfurl beautifully when steeped, creating a heavenly aroma and exquisite infusion.

Enjoyed Cold Buster? Discover Immunity: If you loved the robust and soothing flavors of Cold Buster, our Immunity tea is a perfect match for you. Inspired by a traditional European recipe for immune support, Immunity combines organic elderberry, echinacea, and tulsi holy basil for a natural vitamin and antioxidant boost. With additional ingredients like calendula and valerian root, it not only supports your immune system but also promotes restful sleep.

Missing Coconut Crush Chai? You'll love Cinnamon Spice: For lovers of our Coconut Crush Chai, try Cinnamon Spice - a comforting blend of cinnamon, rooibos, apple, and orange peel, created especially for you. Enjoy its warming, caffeine-free embrace, perfect for any cozy moment.