Steep It Loose — 10% FOR WELLNESS

two jars filled with mocktails sit on a cutting board with mocktail ingredients surrounding them

Your Complete Guide to Sober October: A Week-By-Week Plan, Health Benefits, and Mocktails with The Tea Spot

What is Sober October? Sober October is a powerful movement that invites individuals to abstain from alcohol for the entire month of October. This annual challenge has been embraced by people worldwide and aims to provide a reset for your relationship with alcohol. By participating in Sober October, you'll be opening the door to numerous health benefits, from improved sleep patterns to enhanced mental and physical health. Here at The Tea Spot, we wholeheartedly endorse and support the Sober October initiative. We recognize the impact that reducing alcohol intake can have on your overall health and well-being. That's why we've...

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a woman smiles while picking up fresh loose tea leaves

Leading the Charge: The Tea Spot's Journey as a Women-Owned Tea Business

As a women-owned tea business, The Tea Spot brings a unique blend of purpose and passion to the industry. Led by our CEO Maria Uspenski, we're reshaping the world of tea with a keen focus on wellness, sustainability, and inclusivity. We champion high-quality loose leaf tea, innovative Steepware, and healthful functional blends. From our commitment to donate 10% of all profits to wellness programs to our status as a certified B Corp, we're dedicated to making a positive impact on both tea lovers and the wider community. Explore our journey and join us in savoring not just the taste, but...

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charity: water tea bottle

The Gift That Gives Back: $100K Donation to Bring Clean Water to People in Need

The Gift That Gives Back: Limited-edition The Tea Spot x charity: water Tumbler Will Fuel $100K Donation to Bring Clean Water to People in Need Throughout our 17 years in business, The Tea Spot has pledged 10% of profits to wellness and donated more than 10 million cups of tea to support cancer and community wellness. In an effort to broaden our impact this year, we are excited to expand our humanitarian efforts in connection with a new partner: charity: water. Because The Tea Spot develops and promotes solutions for healthy hydration, access to clean water is essential—and we’re proud...

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Tracey Fletcher King

Honoring The Creative Force of Tracey Fletcher King

Tracey Fletcher King. You know her. She’s a huge presence in our brand and an ever-present spirit in our heart. Tracey, the most graciously optimistic and loving cancer fighter you can imagine, is now no longer with us on earth. But that’s not what I’m focusing on, because for as long as I’m still here, her friendship is forever with me. So I’d like to share this important friend and friendship with all of you, because she and I came together thanks to The Tea Spot and our 10% FOR WELLNESS pledge which has guided my energy since our inception. At the...

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