The Gift That Gives Back: $100K Donation to Bring Clean Water to People in Need

The Gift That Gives Back: Limited-edition The Tea Spot x charity: water Tumbler Will Fuel $100K Donation to Bring Clean Water to People in Need

charity: water x tea spot bottle

Throughout our 17 years in business, The Tea Spot has pledged 10% of profits to wellness and donated more than 10 million cups of tea to support cancer and community wellness. In an effort to broaden our impact this year, we are excited to expand our humanitarian efforts in connection with a new partner: charity: water. Because The Tea Spot develops and promotes solutions for healthy hydration, access to clean water is essential—and we’re proud to be joining charity: water in their mission to help bring clean and safe water to every person on the planet.

Over the next 6 months, we are donating $100,000 to charity: water to fund ten wells in Uganda. This will make clean water available to about 2,500 people. We selected Uganda as the country for our first collaboration with charity: water to make an impact for several reasons.

Ugandan water project

First and foremost, this is a country where almost half the population lacks access to clean water. The need is urgent. In rural Uganda, people collect their water from ponds, rivers and lakes. These sources are often contaminated by livestock, or sanitation debris, which introduce dangerous bacteria into the water. The majority of diseases in Uganda stem directly from a lack of clean water. Furthermore, the time allocated to collecting water has a hugely adverse impact on the economy, and keeps children out of school. The task of fetching water tends to fall on women and girls.

By providing 2,500 people in Uganda access to clean, safe water, we are not only helping to restore health, but supporting girls’ education and providing new economic opportunities for women.

Ugandan tea workers

The other pull we felt towards Uganda was our connection through tea. Tea is one of Uganda’s main exports and supports the livelihood of over half a million people in that country. Our company doesn’t import tea from Uganda, as the vast majority of tea produced there is machine-processed into tea bag grades. However, all of us who work with tea share experiences on a daily basis: touching the tea leaf, knowing its heavenly aroma, and working with a vibrant, natural botanical product which comes from the earth.

Tea Spot founder with charity: water bottle

Our contribution will be made possible by the sales of our co-branded charity: water x The Tea Spot stainless steel tea tumblers, from which 100% of the net proceeds will go to fund our ten clean water projects in Uganda. I’m honored to have our company partner with charity: water and so very excited to offer this Limited-edition The Tea Spot x charity: water Tea Tumbler Set as a force for wellness. It’s the perfect gift that gives back this holiday season, providing clean and safe water to one person in need in a developing country, while also infusing the goodness of whole leaf tea for the giftee. I’m also humbled by what The Tea Spot has achieved in order to make a single focused donation by our company which will have immediate impact. View our gift that gives back

Drink tea. Feel good. Do good.

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