Happy Hanukkah with Proudly Kosher-Certified Teas

Happy Hanukkah! 

We at The Tea Spot wish those in our Jewish community a happy and festive first night of Hanukkah! We hope this night finds you healthy, safe, and peaceful. We encourage you all to brew up a warm pot of tea after a delicious dinner. There’s no better way to keep the conversation going.

kosher certified teas

The Tea Spot was especially proud this year to become a kosher certified facility. We were certified by one of the nation’s leading certifiers, OK kosher. Working with OK kosher showed us the level of detail and attention that goes into placing the kosher certified logo on each of their products. After thorough inspections, we are thrilled that we can now proclaim that we are a kosher certified facility. We are proud and honored to uphold the kosher standard. Look for the launch of the ok kosher logo on each of our new stand up pouches and drink to your health!

If you’re looking for tea pairing suggestions, here are three for our favorite holiday food memories. 

1. Potato Latkes: Enjoy them with Keep Fit lemony green tea blend - hot or iced. This tea is light, smooth. and refreshing, complementing the crispy crackle and of a fresh fried latke. Applesauce and/or sour cream with the latkes will make this tea pairing even more perfect. 

2. Kugel: Serve it with Meditative Mind white tea blend. White teas work super well with creamy foods, and the hint of rose and jasmine in this tea will make your kugel dish sing even more! It doesn’t matter if the kugel is savory or sweet. It’s the butter and cream component of the dish that the Meditative Mind tea will enhance. 

3. Sugar jelly or custard donuts (I know them as Ponchiks, but Google says Sufganiyot): Our Morning Mojo black tea blend is made for these! The bold black pu’erh tea base is rounded out with a kiss of vanilla flavor and citrus peels, which work well with the doughy nature of this fried sweet. Once you start to eat these while sipping this sturdy tea, it will become your go-to.

Pro tip: All three teas listed above are kosher certified by ok kosher (classified as pareve) and can be found in our Rise & Shine: Sip Well Gift Set paired with a beautifully etched mug pictured below. Happy festival of lights!

kosher certified tea gift

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