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I know why you don't like green tea

I Know Why You Don’t Like Green Tea

One of our major missions at the TeaSpot is education. We want our staff to be well-educated about tea and the process of making it, the different teas we offer, how to describe flavors, and of course the numerous health benefits of consuming premium, loose leaf teas. We also want to be able to share…

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The Need for an Automatic Teapot

Hence the need for an automatic teapot

I wanted a teapot that timed the infusion of my tea. Not a tea-maker. I’d tried one of those before, but could never get it to produce as good a quality of brew with its drip-drip mechanism as you can when you immerse all the fresh tealeaves at once. And besides, I wasn’t interested in…

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kickin' that coffee habit

Kickin’ that coffee habit to the curb…

When I’m out in front of customers at a tasting, teaching a class, or just geeking out about tea in our downtown Boulder location, I inevitably get that familiar question, “what’s the best tea for me to drink if I am trying to eliminate coffee from my morning routine?” Well, as many folks might know,…

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Choose Loose Leaf Tea

Why Choose Loose Leaf Tea?

Tea ranks higher than most fruits and vegetables in antioxidant potential and Vitamin C and K content. Antioxidants work to “mop up” free radicals from our body’s cells. They prevent and repair damage done by these free radicals. Free radicals can accelerate aging and damage your DNA. They are produced in large quantities when the…

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