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Cancer Hates Tea

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Written by The Tea Spot's founder, Maria Uspenski, Cancer Hates Tea is a book which delves into her personal journey and revelations about cancer. After her own battle with cancer, Maria extensively researched tea and discovered hundreds of studies that showed how powerful a five-cup-a-day (1.2 L) steeping habit could be. Start harnessing the wellness-promoting properties of tea and see your life change with an easy-to-follow three-week plan that gets tea polyphenols streaming through your system 24/7.

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Tea is the most studied anti-cancer plant. Cancer Hates Tea encapsulates The Tea Spot founder’s personal journey and discovery of tea as a means for achieving and maintaining health after her own battle with cancer. It’s a resource that is both personal to her and relevant for all. In a spirited tone & accessible format, Maria breaks down just how tea works when it helps your body’s defenses.

Become a tea lover with a purpose and help your body defend itself against cancer. Learn to embrace tea in all its varieties, as both a mental and physical experience to protect your health. Discover the history, growing information and health implications of each variety, as well as uniquely delicious methods to boost your intake with serving suggestions, food pairings, and recipes that highlight the benefits of tea.


  • Beautiful softcover book: 208 pages
  • Written by Maria, The Tea Spot's founder and CEO
  • Includes cancer-bashing food and drink recipes

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Disclaimer: This book is not intended to promote tea as a treatment for any ailment or disease and is not to be used, substituted, or relied on as a replacement for professional diagnostic or treatment purposes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Great educational resource!

We're so glad you find "Cancer Hates Tea" to be a great educational resource! It's important to us to share knowledge and insights about the potential health benefits of tea. Thank you for your appreciation, and we hope the book continues to be informative and helpful for you! 📚🍵🌿

Don't miss this book

This was a really informative read and saved me from having to do research in many different places. I'm now a firm devotee of drinking my 5 servings of tea a day! Grateful for the wealth of knowledge available in one book.

Such a beautiful book!

I really enjoyed reading this! There are beautiful photos and illustrations, and I learned so much about tea and all of its health benefits.

Very Informative

This book is a masterful blend of both scientific rigor and heartfelt storytelling. One of the standout features is its practicality. While it's deeply rooted in research, it never loses sight of the everyday reader. The idea of having five cups of tea a day now seems not just palatable, but utterly achievable and enticing.

To anyone keen on understanding the myriad health benefits of tea, especially in the fight against cancer, this book is an invaluable resource. Beyond its educational merits, it’s a call to embrace a delightful ritual, one cup at a time.

Helpful on so many levels

This book covers so much ground, from the biology of cancer at the cell level, to a favorite topic -- tea, to people's personal stories of recovery, family, and connections. It was all so real and grounding, and at the same time light-hearted and full of hope and actionable steps to boosting the odds for fighting off all diseases frankly. I re-read certain sections because there is so much to learn here so I keep it on my nightstand. And since reading this book I have been drinking the 32-oz of tea a day for nearly a year now, and feel great about the shift! Thank you Maria and Tea Spot!! I'm forever grateful.