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Our Story

Spreading wellness through tea.

Our Roots

We're rooted in health and wellness, propelled by our founder's recovery from cancer and her love for tea as a powerful and therapeutic elixir. Using our business as a force for goodness, our mission is to empower people to live an inspired and healthy life. We do this by bringing together whole leaf teas and innovative Steepware that make daily tea hydration easy and fun.



Doing Well by Doing Good

Founded in 2004 by Maria Uspenski, a cancer fighter and author of Cancer Hates Tea, our company donates 10% of all profits in-kind to cancer patients and wellness programs. We’re a Colorado-based Public Benefit Corporation and certified B Corp, and to date have donated more than 10 million cups of tea through our 10% for Wellness pledge.



Innovative Designs

Drawing on her background as an MIT mechanical engineer, Uspenski is the innovative force behind our Steepware® designs. Steepware® is The Tea Spot’s line of teaware that brings modern convenience to loose leaf tea. Designed to make tea easy for healthy living — at home, on-the-go, or in the office —all Steepware® is lead-free and BPA-free.



Empowering Wellness

We spread health and wellness through whole leaf tea — every day. At The Tea Spot, we craft teas of exceptional quality and design innovative Steepware® that empower people to lead healthier lives. Our customer community actively participates in this mission through our 10% for Wellness. As a “Best for the World” certified B Corp, our company is recognized for infusing the goodness of tea in communities near and far.



Inspired by our Founder

“Loose leaf tea became an integral part of my recovery from cancer and continues to be a key component of my daily health regimen. The simple act of preparing loose tea is likely just as therapeutic as the tea itself. It gives me great joy to be able to share this with others and I am continually inspired by the people who courageously and actively fight to survive.”

— Maria Uspenski, CEO & ovarian cancer fighter