Cold Brew Tea Lifestyle Guide

Download this free eBook guide to making fresh cold brewed tea. The eBook offers easy-to-digest information on how to cold brew tea, why DIY brewing offers better results, the best teas for cold brew and why matcha is a superfood. You'll even get 5 delicious cold brew recipes to get you started today! The guide is presented by Maria Uspenski, author of Cancer Hates Tea and founder of The Tea Spot, and Jo & Jules of The Conscious Cleanse. Both companies are steadfast in their missions to empower healthy living through the power of plants. Download your Cold Brew Tea Guide today and start feeling the benefits!


Presented by:

Conscious Cleanse     The Tea Spot
handcrafted teas
The Tea Spot brings together artisanal whole leaf teas and innovative Steepware to make your daily tea practice easy and fun. Their steadfast mission to empower healthy living through tea fuels their 10% Pledge. 

cancer wellness donations
Founded in 2004 by Maria Uspenski, a cancer survivor drawn to the health benefits of tea during her recovery, The Tea Spot donates 10% of all sales in-kind to cancer and community wellness programs. To date they have touched more than 100,000 lives through their 10% Pledge.

Meet the Authors:

Maria author of Cancer Hates Tea

Maria Uspenski is the author of Cancer Hates Tea and founder of The Tea Spot, an artisanal producer of craft teas based in Boulder, Colorado. At The Tea Spot, Maria works to advance healthier living through the everyday enjoyment of whole leaf tea. An MIT mechanical engineer by trade, she is the innovative force behind the company's Steepware® line, which promotes easy tea preparation. A cancer fighter, her message is simple and powerful - tea in its freshest form is sustainable, renders exceptional flavor and has unmatched health benefits. She has been featured in the Huffington Post and in television interviews for her success as a social entrepreneur and fitness nutrition expert. Maria is regularly called on to lecture about tea's health benefits at universities and conferences nationwide. The Tea Spot donates ten percent of all profits in-kind to cancer and community wellness.
Jo & Jules of the Conscious Cleanse
Jo Schaalman and Jules Peláez are co-founders and authors of the program The Conscious Cleanse: Lose Weight, Heal Your Body and Transform Your Life in 14 Days, a best-selling, step-by-step guide to help you live your most vibrant life. Together they’ve led thousands of people through their online supported cleanse through their accessible and light-hearted approach. They’ve been dubbed “the real deal” by founder and chief creative director Bobbi Brown, of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, beauty editor of the TODAY show. To learn more about “Jo and Jules”, the Conscious Cleanse and their new 80:20 Lifestyle Plan please visit