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+ Promotion Codes

Q: How do I apply a promo code to my order?
A: Simply enter your promo code in the designated box labeled “discount code or gift card” at checkout (note, this is the page AFTER your cart!). If the code is valid and applicable to the items in your cart, the discount will be automatically applied to your total.

Q: Can I apply more than one promo code?
A: In order to keep our costs low for you, we can only allow one coupon code per order.

+ Shipping

Q: What are the shipping costs and delivery times?
A: Enjoy FREE ground shipping for orders over $49 within the lower 48 states and military APO's. Orders are shipped within 2-3 business days, and delivery windows vary. Full details are available on our Shipping Page.

Q: Can I change or cancel my order?
A: Orders can be changed or canceled within a specific time frame after placing them. However, once the order has gone into fulfillment, it can no longer be changed or canceled. Please contact our customer support immediately if you need to make changes to your order before it goes into fulfillment.

Q: The item I want is out of stock. Can I pre-order?
A: You cannot pre-order, but you can sign up to receive an email notification when it goes back in stock. This is located on the product page, just click on the “notify me when available” button.

+ Product Information

Q: Do your tea sachets (bags) contain microplastics?
A: No, our sachets are made from a plant-based material, obtained from sugar cane fibers, which is 100% biodegradable, compostable, and completely free from petroleum-based plastic.

Q: Are your teas allergen-free?
A: All of our teas are allergen-free, except for Coconut Crush Chai, which contains actual coconut pieces. The tea is quarantined and handled carefully to avoid cross-contamination. Full details are available on our website.

Q: Why do you use flavorings in some of your teas? What's in those flavorings?
A: Our natural flavoring is 100% free of synthetically derived flavor molecules and carriers. Natural flavoring has two components: the carrier liquid and the molecules that provide the actual taste. We can disclose the carrier (ethyl alcohol) but the composition of the taste portion is proprietary. The flavor portion is derived from actual plants, spices, etc. If you'd prefer a tea without flavorings, we have a whole line of unflavored teas as well!

Q: Are your teas gluten-free?
A: Everything is Gluten-Free in our warehouse! We are not a certified Gluten free facility, however.

Q: Are your teas vegan?
A: Yes, all our teas are vegan except for our seasonal Candy Cane Craze.

Q: Are your products kosher?
A: We are a Kosher-certified facility, and we have several teas that are Kosher certified. You can find them all here: Kosher Certified Teas.

Q: What is the quality of your teas?
A: We micro-blend in small batches using the freshest full-leaf teas and functional herbs. Many of our teas have won awards, and we never compromise on quality. Our pyramid sachets are packed in Louisville, Colorado, using the same whole leaf teas that we sell in loose leaf form.

+ Returns and Concerns

Q: What is your return policy for tea and Steepware?
A: Tea cannot be returned as it is a food product. For unopened / unused Steepware, we offer store credit, minus the cost of return shipping, within 30 days of your delivery date. If you received an incorrect or damaged item, please call or email us within 30 days of your delivery date so we can correct the problem immediately!

Q: My tea isn’t very flavorful. What should I do?
A: Ensure that you are using filtered water and the correct temperature for your chosen tea, and make sure to use enough tea for the desired strength. If you continue to experience issues, please contact our support team for guidance!

+ Steeped Rewards Loyalty Program

Q: How can I join the Steeped Rewards program?
A: Joining is easy and free! Simply create an account to start earning Loyalty Points today: Create Account. You must log in while shopping to participate in the program: Rewards Log In

Q: How do I earn Loyalty Points?
A: You'll earn 1 Loyalty Point for every $1 spent at The Tea Spot. Additionally, you can celebrate your birthday with us to earn 50 points. The earning potential is endless!

Q: How can I redeem my Loyalty Points?
A: You must have a minimum of 20 points to start redeeming. Click the yellow "Steeped Rewards" icon on the bottom of your screen, login to your account, on Gift Card, click "redeem", and then move the slider over to indicate how many points you'd like to convert to a gift card. Then click "Redeem" again, and you will be given a gift card code to apply at checkout!

Need More Help?

If you have any further questions or need assistance with your order, please don't hesitate to contact us at (303) 444–8324 or info@theteaspot.com. We're here to help you enjoy the perfect cup of tea!