Supporting Cancer Survivors & Community Wellness

Our Pledge

Our founder is a cancer fighter, drawn to tea for its reputed health benefits during her recovery. In support of our mission to promote health, wellness and happiness through tea, we donate 10% of all profits in-kind to cancer fighters and community wellness.


1 Cup for Every $1

How it works: Each purchase you make at The Tea Spot helps fuel wellness donations. Our culture of giving back is generous, with a pledge of 10% For Wellness. A $50 purchase allows us to contribute about 50 cups of tea to our pledge recipients.


Health Benefits

Tea in its freshest form is eco-friendly and has sublime flavor. We’re inspired by modern medical research suggesting that it provides numerous health and nutritional benefits—from helping prevent cancer and heart disease, to stress management and weight loss.


5 Cups a Day

We believe that tea every day is vital for wellness and self-care, and strive to enlighten and enliven those who consume it. In fact, we’re proponents of drinking 5 cups a day, to continually support our immune systems on a cellular level, as our founder advocates in her book Cancer Hates Tea.


Thirst for Life!

Tea-drinking traditions and histories remind us that the goodness of the tea leaf connects us with billions of people around the globe. Our 10% for Wellness pledge extends beyond the 10 million cups of tea we’ve donated with education and support for our communities near and far.

Our partner wellness organizations include: National Race to End Women's Cancer, Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance, Rocky Mountain Cancer Center, Living Journeys Cancer Support, Casting for Recovery, Ovarian Cancer Awareness of Kentucky, Junior League of Denver, A Woman’s Work, Cancer Climber Association, Tru Community Care, Thorne Nature Experience, and National Breast Cancer Foundation.

10% For Wellness program