A Brewing Interest in Health

…Let’s face it; even doughnuts and booze look a bit healthier when  sprinkled with matcha. But it’s not just a gimmick; the facts show that matcha provides a powerful antioxidant punch, which is beautifully explained in Maria Uspenski’s new book, Cancer Hates Tea .

Source: The Gourmet Retailer Pg. 32-33, by Anna Wolfe

A Brewing Interest In Health



Matcha, once considered a specialty tea, has become more mainstream. It is being prepared traditionally, on-the-go and used as a culinary ingredient.

“From savory to sweet, matcha continues to pop up on food and beverage menus around the world,” says Jessica Kochik, chief marketing officer of The Tea Spot based in Boulder, Colo. “There’s a wonderful health halo that foodservice items enjoy when tea is incorporated into their ingredients, especially a tea as bright green and unmistakable as matcha. Let’s face it; even doughnuts and booze look a bit healthier when sprinkled with matcha. But it’s not just a gimmick; the facts show that matcha provides a powerful antioxidant punch, which is beautifully explained in Maria Uspenski’s new book, Cancer Hates Tea.”

Matcha is well on its way to becoming a household name in the United States, says Kochik, and this bodes well for the entire specialty tea segment. These “tea newbies may be more open to trying what’s next in
the world of tea,” she says. The success of matcha, she adds, seems to be closely aligned with the “huge growth” of other powdered teas, such as turmeric.

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