Cold This Winter? Warm Up and Cure That Cold With a Cup

Cold Buster Tea

Though some places in the world are not looking traditionally wintry right now, colds are in full swing. I’m feeling pretty resilient (knock on wood) as are most of my colleagues, and I’m pretty sure that the copious consumption of tea is preemptively treating a cold or the flu.

Warm beverages are favored this time of year already, and especially when one is feeling under the weather. A cup of tea can be both soothing and healing: the hot liquid eases a sore throat; the antioxidants and vitamins strengthen the immune system; the warm mug and reviving beverage comfort when cooped up during recovery.

After taking an informal poll around The Tea Spot, the following list ranks in order of greatest healing powers for cold/flu symptoms:

Cold Buster; Lemon Drop, Organic; Red Rocks; Rooibos, Organic; Strawberry Fields

All of the teas contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Sourced from either red rooibos, fruit, licorice, or lemon myrtle, the list is sure alleviate symptoms as well as please your taste buds (even if your cold made you forget you have them!).

Cold Buster, originally blended and classified as a natural cold remedy in Europe, is wonderful to drink at the first sign of a cold. Lemon Drop contains Australian lemon myrtle and Egyptian licorice root which act as relief for a sore throat. Rooibos, also in Red Rocks, is full of antioxidants and minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, and fluoride). Along with the others, Strawberry Fields is packed with vitamin C.

It’s best to drink up to 5 cups per day when treating a cold in both early and late stages. The cups won’t interrupt your sleep during recuperation because they’re all naturally caffeine free, so go ahead and keep sipping with only positive side affects.

It doesn’t require a doctor to prescribe vitamins, minerals, and warm liquids to quickly expel sickness. So, I recommend tea to help you bounce back from a cold or flu this winter.

Keep warm and healthy!

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