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Food Network - The 8 Best Green Teas to Buy, According to Experts

Christine Byrne, MPH, RD

The flavor of green tea depends on when the leaves were harvested, how and where they were grown and so much more.

Green tea is extremely popular today, but its roots are literally ancient. Legend has it that green tea was first steeped in 2737 BC, when a few green tea leaves fell into an emperor’s cup of hot water. There are written records of green tea being used medicinally as far back as the Han Dynasty (206-220 AD), according to the Art of Tea, and being drunk for pleasure starting in the Tang Dynasty (600-900 AD).

Typically grown and harvested in China and Japan, it wasn’t until the 19th century that green tea became popular in European and other Western countries. Now, it’s a staple on the menu at any coffee or tea shop in America, and in many home kitchens.

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best green puerh tea

Raw Pu'erh Green Tea

“My very favorite green tea is a wild harvested green pu’erh tea,” says Maria Uspenski, Founder & CEO of The Tea Spot. “It’s the closest tea in flavor to what munching down on a raw tea leaf is like, so it reminds me of the beautiful, sunny hillsides where it grows naturally, on big, gnarly ancient tea trees.”...


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