Friday Night: Iced Tea with My Martini Shaker

Alright, so I sprung for an ice tea sampler. Even though I obviously work at The Tea Spot, I haven’t tried all 12 of the Signature Blend favorites, but on Friday night, everything changed. Again.

It was nearing 10pm and I whipped out my martini shaker, some ice, and jumped into a shaker full of Boulder Blues. Now, I grew up drinking ice tea steeped with Sweet ‘N Low — because, on its own, the taste was just bland (I’m pointing at you, big-shot tea Goliath who’s around here known as the other L word). With loose leaf iced tea tough, though, artificial sweetner* was rendered unnecessary.

I shook my way to delicious (and fresh!) iced tea but found that all the ice I used melted in the martini shaker, leaving my tea party diluted. (The ice melted because I shook it up immediately after steeping the tea in boiling water. Shocker.) So now, I’m heading back to the Tea Spot online store to pick up a Steep & Chill for myself… it’s been a popular seller for a reason: the freezer core prevents your tea from the evil that is wateriness.

Steep & Chill

I just would like to end this post by saying… no alcohol was harmed in the making of this iced tea. Although, the next time I near a martini shaker, don’t expect the same! I can’t just keep handing out guarantees that I won’t be making boozetastic beverages with my martini shaker. And why would I? I just want to shake in peace. Thanks.

Okay. TeaGIF. Get it? Got it? Good.

*-My first love is artificial sweetener, so this means something, folks.

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