Living Better 50 -Top 10 Herbal Teas That People Love Amidst COVID-19

By Maria Uspenski for Living Better 50 magazine

The Tea Spot - Turmeric Tonic

Our founder and CEO, Maria Uspenski, recently published an article in Living Better 50 on herbal teas and how they've really taken off since the start of the pandemic. This is because of the reputation surrounding the adaptogenic benefits of herbal teas and their abilities to boost immunity, overall wellness, and bring us comfort. 

Maria Uspenski supported this article with her extensive knowledge surrounding these herbs, and spoke to the amazing health benefits of herbals teas, adaptogens, and how these work as natural antivirals. While it's important to note that no "tea" or herbal beverage can cure, treat, or prevent any disease, more people are seeking out more naturalistic methods of healing, especially in times of COVID-19. 

Some of the most reputable and known among the list are turmeric root, known for it's anti-inflammatory properties and featured in our Turmeric Tonic, valerian root, used for a natural sleep aid as well as a remedy for nervous anxiety and is featured in our Cold Buster, and ashwagandha root, known for it's mood and cognition boosting abilities, featured in our Adaptogenic Chai.

Living Better 50 is the leading publication for women in their 50s that encourages women to take the lead physically, mentally, and emotionally. Their content centers around the positive aspects of aging and how to make even better choices surrounding their overall health and wellness.

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