Loose leaf tea to the rescue, yet again, in ways you’d never predict!

“When the lorry overturned, its cargo of loose tea was spilled as well as some diesel. Firefighters used the spilled tea to absorb the diesel and prevent it from entering the drains” is the conclusion to the news report in today’s Sunderland Echo from the UK. Caught my eye, to say the least.
Smart firefighters!! Those of us who often have copious amounts of experimental batches of tea around know what a great cleaning and deodorizer it makes.  If you’ve ever walked into a loose tea merchant’s place, the comforting aroma wraps you as soon as you get through the door…
The same characteristics that make tea leaves so easy to scent (with jasmine flowers, or bergamot oil) make it a wonderful (but pricey, if it’s tea that could ever be drunk!) dust and odor absorber for wood floors.  Just sprinkle some old tea in your dirtier areas an hour or two before sweeping – not only will all the dust particles glom on to the tea leaves, making your sweep a no-brainer, but your room will smell fresh and sweet.
For the full Sunderland truck accident story, go to: http://www.sunderlandecho.com/news/Driver-of-toppled-lorry-is.6028824.jp

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