Oh Man, It’s Abnormally Hot

Iced TeaToday finds me too hot to really think clearly. All I can think about is how rad it would be if we bought one of those big plastic kiddie pools and filled it with iced peppermint tea and went for a swim. Seriously, that might be the best idea I have had all summer. Or maybe a Slip ‘n Slide in the back of the warehouse? Anyone? Or maybe just an A/C box installation would do.

As I consider these options, a bank of darkish looking clouds seems to be heading this way. Thank you, universe.

Since this brief respite is allowing me to think semi-clearly, I would like to lay some praise to my latest favorite summertime tea beverage: Boba, aka Bubble, Tea.

For the rookies out there, Boba tea consists of these components: Boba Pearls, an iced tea of some sort, a splash of cream, a squeeze of agave, and a Boba straw. Allow me to digress.

Boba pearls are really nothing more than simple tapioca balls. You remember tapioca, right? It’s that white stuff you always had at grandma’s house that never really tasted like much of anything. Same goes for Boba. Only these ones are bigger, black, and squish gloriously when you chew on them.

So what is tapioca, exactly? This is certainly not a question that comes up for most people, a) because most people don’t eat tapioca, and b) the ones that do probably don’t care what it’s made from anyways. Well the answer is that it comes from the root of a cassava plant. The root gets processed and the reconstituted product are those tiny (or large, in this case) tapioca balls. It is a starch, so essentially it’s like adding bread to your beverage. Mmmmmm, bread.

So, these boba pearls rest on the bottom of your glass. The remaining ingredients are mixed together (I prefer to make mine with Red Rocks iced tea), and the straw allows you to suck up the boba pearls whilst drinking your tea, making for a deliciously iced, textural experience. The cream adds a dash of well, creaminess, while the agave nectar lightly sweetens it without making it overtly so. Unlike those bottled tea drinks that look so delicious in the refrigerated case until you open it up and take a big swig and feel like you just drank a packet of mint-and-tea-flavored Splenda. (Thanks a lot, Tazo).

I can see the Eldorado Spring Water Delivery Truck outside the office. “Judged the Best-Tasting Water in North America,” it says. They have an entire swimming pool full of pure, delicious spring water about 20 minutes from here, in Eldorado. That sounds pretty nice right about now.

In any case, Bubble Tea is seeing a new emergence as an extremely popular drink these days, and since many people are still unsure what it’s all about, I encourage you to stop by your nearest Bubble Tea vendor (ie, the TeaSpot’s downtown retail location) and check it out!

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