“Steep & Go” Action Shots

We recently launched a contest asking our tea friends to submit pictures of their cold infusing Steep & Go’s on-the-go. We had so much fun looking at these truly fantastic “action shots” and wanted to share some of our favorite pics with you here. We hope you enjoy!

Steepin babies

Put baby Della and baby Ollie together and you have yourself an incredible cold-brew cuppa! Della prefers her Steep & Go’s violet, and Ollie is a big fan of our new Keep Fit Cold Infusions. Or perhaps he prefers chewing on the box? Either way, these babes have great taste! 

Jade with Steep and Go

Lovely Jade with her Steep & Go at her local park.

Family Hike with the Steep and go

 The Sprowls family! Look at that little cutie pie!

Steep and Go


Robert & Katie hitting the trails in Longmont, CO.

Elise in Madrid


“Chilling out on our rooftop patio in Madrid!” Steep & Go made it to Spain with Elise!

Steep and Go

Jean says- “Took mine along on my morning walk – beautiful scenery and delicious refreshment is just my cup of tea!”

Steep and Go
Steep and Go
Steep and Go in Paris

This photo is from our CEO Maria- “Je vois la vie en rose avec Steep & Go!” C’est vrai!

Steep and Go an Chataqua

Elise action shot! At Chautauqua Park in Boulder, CO.

Dushka with Steep and Go

Our favorite Tea Spot pooch, Dushka, kicking back with a Steep & Go at The Tea Spot office.

Steep and Go in Disney Land

Grizzly River Run wanted in on the action at Disneyland.

Steep and Go


Our Founder & CEO made a new friend abroad. Of course she offered him tea! We just can’t seem to help ourselves!

Cold Brew Steeper

Bruce says- “Blue Skies, Green Tea, Steep-n-Go = Healthy Living.” We couldn’t agree more! Photo at Waneka Lake Park.

 Steep and Go
Amoda Tea gettin down with Steep & Go and Keep Fit in Vancouver!

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