Tea in the City! Metropolis Coffee Serves The Tea Spot

Metropolis Coffee is located in the heart of Denver, or the area called the Golden Triangle. Metropolis Coffee seems to be the softer side of Starbucks.  A coffee shop that is cozy and clam, surrounded by an arts and culture district and up and coming housing developments and therefore perfect for most anyone from the local student, to the young business man or woman, to the vibrant retirees in the area.

Metropolis Coffee

Carrying only the finest products, Metropolis Coffee serves coffee roasted from X in Seattle, WA and The Tea Spot’s loose leaf teas  both of which offer high quality and a variety of tastes for the clientels discriminating pallets.  Not only does Metropolis Coffee serve our loose leaf teas hot, they can make any of our nine teas into refreshing iced teas as well.  If you’ve never had iced tea made from loose leaf tea,  you’re in for a treat!

I like all my shops, highly recommend going there if you’re in town. The place is clean and cozy, the staff are all very friendly and the drinks are delicious.  Stop by and tell them we sent you!

Metropolis Coffee is located at

300 W 11th Ave
Denver, CO 80204

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