The Tea Spot Introduces Ten Varieties of Tea Sachet

The Tea Spot, known for its high standards in tea, introduces its first line of tea sachets. Each voluminous, biodegradable sachet is filled with the same quality of loose leaf tea as found in their tins and bags.

Yes, we have seen full leaf pyramid-shaped tea sachets before, but not like the ones offered by the Tea Spot. To the Tea Examiner’s knowledge, these are the first tea sachets that hold enough tea to make a 16-ounce mug of tea instead of just an 8-ounce cup.

Since the size of the tea sachets allows the tea to expand and release more flavor, the tea drinking experience is exactly the same as drinking the Tea Spot’s loose leaf tea only without needing to use an infuser or measure the tea.

Personally, the Tea Examiner does not at all mind spooning her tea into her Steeping Mug in the morning or any other time. However, the new tea sachets are a very convenient and result in a very good tea experience.

The new sachets come in ten varieties, five not organic and five organic. Organic teas available in sachet form include Organic Assam, Organic Big Chill, Organic Clouds & Mist, Organic Monkey Picked White and Organic Sencha. Each of these teas has been USDA certified Organic.

The five tea that are not organic include some Tea Spot favorites. These include Bolder Breakfast, Boulder Blues, Coconut Cabana, Earl of Grey and Meditative Mind.

– by Margaret Studer, Tea Examiner

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