Turmeric Vodka Cooler

Turmeric Tonic Recipes #4

Turmeric Vodka Cooler

Now that we’ve been very good and powered up on superfoods, it is time for a twist. Bring out the Turmeric Vodka Cooler! If you are just joining us, you can see our first post of the series, TT Detox Infusion. This sophisticated drink is sweet, tangy and spicy-Bottoms up! (Although of course we here at The Tea Spot encourage you to always drink responsibly)


Turmeric Vodka Cooler 

This sophisticated drink is sweet, tangy and spicy. So delicious, you won’t be able to help but share the goodness!

  1. Infuse the herbal tea blend in the vodka overnight, at room temperature, in a lidded jar.
  2. Strain out the herbal tea. (You should now have about 2 oz of Turmeric Tonic infused vodka.)
  3. Add the infused vodka, pineapple juice and Rose’s lime juice to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake gently for two minutes.
  4. Pour into cocktail glass. Double the recipe and share with a friend!

Enjoy! And let us know how your culinary adventures with Turmeric Tonic are turning out! Follow along with our Turmeric Tonic Tea Recipes series! Next up, by popular demand, comes another tea cocktail recipe: Turmeric Rum Rascal Cocktail!



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