World Tea Expo 2008 in Las Vegas!

Tea TinsThis past weekend we took our stellar TeaSpot team of 5 to the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas. And what an awesome and inspiring show it was for us! We stayed in a big suite (along with my dog and boyfriend), tag-teamed the booth and public relations duties – everyone went to educational and tea-tasting sessions, we met and dined with many our key suppliers from overseas, and they gambled well into the morning with a dealer named “Maria”… How inspiring and motivating to spend some time with our industry colleagues, see and hear about new products, processes and trends, and to be able to see my amazing team, from development and ops, to sales and marketing, interacting and connecting with people first-hand. Every one of them has top industry knowledge in their field – no one is blessed with as competent and awesome a team as our’s. They guide me with their enthusiasm and professionalism. People from China, India, Sri Lanka, Germany, Japan coming to see us as old friends (see one of our best friends, CH Liao from Formosa on the RHS of our photo). After all was said and done, I look back at the content of expo, and marvel at how we’ve managed to push the envelope on distributing loose leaf tea of such marvelous varieties and have raised the bar on teaware development and manufacturing with our Steeping cups, mugs and particularly the Automatic Teapot… and now lots of follow-up and renewed energy to keep us on the cutting edge of Steepware development for next year!

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