Yoga Journal - 7 Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Give Her the Relaxation She Deserves

by Ellen O'Brien

These are our favorite stress-relieving products, and we think your mom will love them, too.

Finding a great Mother’s Day gift doesn’t have to be complicated. Likely, your mother (or the motherly figure in your life) is in need of some relaxation. Help her cultivate a stress-free day with gifts that allow her to rest, sleep, read—and take care of her body (and mind). We tested each of these products to ensure they would be appreciated by moms, grandmas, aunts, and sisters everywhere. Here are our top seven gift ideas for Mother’s Day—or any day when you want to show her some love.

7 Mother’s Day gifts that will help her de-stress


herbal tea sampler for relaxing

The Tea Spot Herbal Tea Sampler

For the mother who swears by her daily cup of tea to wind down, treat her to this sampler of caffeine-free herbal teas. This pack contains six different loose leaf teas, including peppermint, pink rose lemonade, and a coconut chai. She’ll be able to wind down and decompress with a different tea variety every day, before settling on her favorite. Herbal Tea Sampler, $36.95


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