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Collection: Fall Collection

For all you sweater-loving, boot-wearing, hot-tea-sipping fans of Fall—these teas are for you! With the onset of brisk Autumn air, these are the spiced, warming, and cold-busting teas you'll want to snuggle up with. So grab your favorite mug, your latest book, and brew up a cup of cozy goodness to relax and sip to good health. You deserve it!
  • Pumpkin Spice Chai
    a bag reads pumpkin spice chai with tea bags and loose leaf tea in front
    $4.50 - $44.95
  • Turmeric Tonic, Organic
    turmeric tonic tea bags sit on a pile of loose leaf tea in front of a bag that reads turmeric tonic a unique blend
    $5.00 - $61.00
  • Everyday Tea Mug
    a set of four ceramic mugs, green, pink, brown, and blue in a line
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  • Mountain Tea Tumbler
    a set of three tumblers, grey, teal, and purple in a row on a white background
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  • Satin Teapot - 20 oz
    20 oz ceramic teapots
    $39.95 - $51.95
  • Climber's High Chai
    Climbers High Tea Sachet Steeped
    $5.00 - $65.75
  • Immunity, Organic
    Immunity Tea Bags in Grocery
    $5.00 - $68.95
  • Ashwagandha Chai, Organic
    Ashwagandha Chai package adaptogen herbal tea three teabags sit on loose leaf tea leaves
    $6.00 - $109.95
  • Coconut Crush Chai
    Coconut Crush Chai Tea Loose Leaf
    $5.00 - $65.50
  • Ginger Tea, Organic
    Organic Ginger Root Tea Loose Leaf
    $4.00 - $46.50
  • Mile High Chai, Organic
    Mile High Chai, Organic
    $4.00 - $59.99
  • Choco-Mint Truffle
    Chocolate mint tea steeped
    $4.00 - $29.95
  • Flu Fighter
    Flu Fighter Loose Leaf Tea
    $5.00 - $27.25
  • Cinnamon Spice
    an orange bag says cinnamon spice sweet hug in a mug with tea bags and loose leaf tea in front of it
    $4.50 - $39.95
  • Level Leaf: 3-Tin Sachet Set
    Level Leaf Triple Tin Set
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