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Collection: Tea for Kids

All of our kid-friendly teas are naturally caffeine-free with a flavorful twist loved by kids and parents alike. These are our juicy, fruity, yummy teas, which are delicious both hot or iced. Herbal tea is the perfect sugar-free alternative to juice and soda. When you make fresh tea, you know every ingredient in your tea to ensure that it's healthy and wholesome for your loved ones. Tea time is quality time to connect with your kids — all the way from the "tea party" of toddlers to the late nights of high school. It teaches kids a healthy habit of self-care, while tasting great! Check out 7 Tips on Throwing a Children's Tea Party.
  • Turmeric Tonic, Organic
    turmeric tonic tea bags
    $5.00 - $61.00
  • Blood Orange Smoothie
    Blood Orange Smoothie Sachet Steeped
    $4.00 - $57.00
  • Coconut Crush Chai
    Coconut Crush Chai Tea Loose Leaf
    $4.00 - $41.00
  • Strawberry Fields
    Strawberry Fields Loose Leaf Tea
    $4.00 - $74.95
  • Pink Rose Lemonade
    Steeped Rose chamomile tea
    $4.00 - $34.50
  • Hibiscus Petals, Organic
    Organic Hibiscus Petals Loose Leaf Tea
    $4.00 - $29.00
  • Chamomile Tea
    Chamomile Sachet Steeped
    $7.95 - $19.95
  • Peppermint Tea
    Peppermint Tea Loose Leaf
    $3.00 - $24.95
  • Red Rocks
    Red Rocks Herbal Loose Leaf Tea
    $4.00 - $42.00
  • Tuffy Steeper
    Tuffy Tea Steeper
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  • Flu Fighter
    Flu Fighter Loose Leaf Tea
    $5.00 - $25.95
  • Herbal Tea Sampler
    Herbal Tea Sampler
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  • Peppermint Sachets, Organic
    Peppermint Tea Bag Steeped
    $7.95 - $20.95
  • Cold Brew Sport Bottle
    Cold Brew Tea Bottle Infuser
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