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Satin Tea Mug with Infuser
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Satin Tea Mug

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Take a personal moment with this soft and lustrous tea mug. Whether you steep it loose or use a tea bag, the Satin Tea Mug makes a great cuppa every time. With a stainless steel tea filter and a saucer which doubles as a lid, this artisan handcrafted mug has a beautifully glazed satin finish in colors inspired by nature.

Enjoy this soft and lustrous all-in-one tea mug, designed to maximize your tea experience. Whether you choose to steep it loose or use a teabag, the Satin Tea Mug will help you make a perfect cuppa every time. This ergonomic system comes equipped with a precision stainless steel tea filter basket and a saucer that doubles as a lid to retain heat while you brew your tea. This artisan handcrafted mug has a beautifully glazed satin finish in colors inspired by nature — Sage, Eggplant, London Fog, Sand Beige, and Cayenne.


  • 16 oz Ceramic Tea Mug
  • Fine Stainless Steel Tea Infuser
  • Lid doubles as a saucer
  • Notch accent for teabag tags
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Do NOT Microwave the metal infuser
  • Caution: Tea is hot!
  • Lead-free, Cadmium-free, BPA-free

Smooth Elegance with Precision Steeping

Satisfying to the touch while sipping your favorite infusion!

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Why The Tea Spot?

Infusing the Goodness

We promote health, wellness, and happiness by empowering people to make tea a part of every day – a vision that has held steadfast since our start in 2004. Our philanthropic company meets the challenges of modern life with the botanical goodness of tea.

Innovating Designs

Our handcrafted whole leaf teas and modern Steepware® designs make your daily tea practice seamless and fun. We break down all barriers to premium tea, making it easy to steep throughout the day and fuel your adventures. For tea lovers, by tea lovers.

Empowering Wellness

We give 10% of all profits to wellness programs around the world. Each purchase of our special-edition The Tea Spot x charity: water tumbler set provides clean water to one person. Drink tea. Feel good. Do good. #10percentforwellness

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