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by Alex Alexander, for Your Tango


Replace your usual morning (and afternoon, and late afternoon) lattes.

Are you trying to reduce your caffeine intake or ditch the lattes you love in order to consume less sugar and milk? Those syrups and milk add a lot of calories, after all.

Or, maybe you love coffee but are just looking for some alternatives that might be healthier or even caffeine-free? You’re in luck, because this list will offer you the 10 best coffee alternative options.

Some of these drinks contain caffeine and others don’t. But depending on your preference, see which drinks are must-try’s; you can switch it up, replace or completely ditch coffee altogether. Because for some people, their coffee intake is very high and it’s a personal goal to reduce those cups each day.

Matcha Tea: The Tea Spot Organic Matcha 

Matcha Micro Tin

Matcha is a tea made from grinding up whole green tea leaves, which makes it a powerful and healthy drink. Green tea has been linked to helping people with high blood pressure, as well as preventing diabetes. Pretty impressive, right?

The drawback is if you happen to be looking for a caffeine-free beverage, this isn’t for you. Some Matcha teas have more caffeine than coffee! It’s also a rather “earthy” tasting drink, so if you’re picky, it may take time to grow to like this tea.

Organic Matcha

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