2 New Locations Serving TeaSpot Teas!

Exciting news, Boulderites! Tea Spot teas are now being served at two great centrally-located coffee shops, so take your sipping to the streets!

If you haven’t heard of The Unseen Bean and their amazing Blind Roasted Coffee, you’re missing out! These guys are located just off Pearl on the east side of Broadway, and in addition to bringing on a few Tea Spot teas, their roaster Gerry Leary creates some mighty tasty beans. Check out Gerry’s story here and see how he learned to roast entirely by sound and smell, and stop by the shop for a cup of goodness.
Tee and Cakes


I’m super excited that Tea Spot is being served at my favorite hangout, Tee & Cakes. Not only is this shop a Boulder favorite for its inventive, saliva-inducing baked goods, but it’s also run by one of the friendliest crews in cafe history. You think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. Stop by and say hi to owners Kim Boos & Brian Wood, sample some of our tea or manager/barista Jenny’s new girl scout cookie inspired latte, and don’t you dare forget to dig your teeth into this famous Boulder nosh:

Chocolate Bacon Cupcake

Chocolate. Bacon. Cupcake. The sheriff of baked goods in Boulder. If you’re not already on your way to Tee & Cakes, then you didn’t make it this far into my blog post. As for the rest of you, who can’t make it to our delightful mountain home, wander over to www.teeandcakes.com and get distracted by Brian’s fine graphics and Kim’s fine oven-baked creations.  And if you are from Boulder, what are you still doing reading this? Go get yourself a smile and a sweet from the crew at Tee & Cakes!

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