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The Foremost Good Fortune Book

This past week I’ve enjoyed reading an extremely honest memoir by Susan Conley: The Foremost Good Fortune.

The story unfurls in Beijing, China after her family relocates due to her husband’s job. She, her husband Tony and her two young sons experience a complete culture shock. They live life as “normally” as possible; her sons attend school, her husband leaves for work trips, and Susan tries to grocery shop in a language she struggles to speak. The journey that began with challenges of new beginnings in new places evolves into a battle with breast cancer.

It evokes such an array of emotions, a reader of any age is sure to identify. Themes such as belonging, love, motherhood, uncertainty, illness, friendship, fear, and cultural identity fill each page of Conley’s story.

I especially enjoyed her sons’ relief throughout the family’s struggle. It captivated the honesty and naïveté with which children naturally brighten many situations.

On a complete side note, I was excited to be ahead of Oprah’s Book Club and recommendations! The Foremost Good Fortune was listed in “15 Books to Watch for in February 2011.”

I’m looking forward to hearing Susan speak about her memoir today at HealthLinks Clinic in Boulder, CO. We will be serving tea at the event as part of our 10% Pledge for Cancer Wellness! If you’re in the area, you should come. It starts at 2 and it’s $FREE.99! To reserve your spot, call 303-443-1937.

Cheers to literacy!

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