2017 World Tea Award Winners

by Elizabeth Dobos

The 2017 World Tea Awards were presented to the winners at the Las Vegas Convention Center on June 14, 2017. Tea industry professionals garnered much deserved recognition for their contributions to the field. The winners are listed below.

The John Harney Lifetime Achievement Award Winner: Rona Tison, ITO EN

150th Anniversary of Ceylon Tea: Sri Lanka Tea Board

Best Tea Health Advocate Winner: Maria Uspenski, The Tea Spot

2017 World Tea Award Winners 

Best Consumer-oriented Marketing Campaign/Promotion Winner: #DrinkTeaCampaign, Created by Gail Gastelu for the Council of Tea of the USA

Best Tea Brewing Device (Electric) Winner: Teforia

Best Tea Brewing Device (Non-electric) Winner: Bonavita Glass Teapot

Best Retail Shop, Cafe, Bar Winner: Chado Tea House

Best Tea Accessory Winner: Zojirushi Thermos

Best Tea Community-level Campaign Winner: #DrinkTeaCampaign, Created by Gail Gastelu for the Council of Tea of the USA

Best Tea Publication Winner: The TEA Book, by Linda Gaylard

Best Tea Social Media Campaign Winner: Campaign to Crowdfund Tea Journey Magazine, by Publisher Dan Bolton

Best E-commerce Tea (or Accoutrements) Website Winner: Harney & Sons

Best Tea Trade Website (Wholsesale) Winner: Camellia Sinensis

Best Specialty Tea Brand Winner: Adagio

Best Tea Blog Winner: Camellia Sinensis Tea Taster’s Blog

James Norwood Pratt: Best Tea Educator Winner

Best Tea Industry Innovation Winner: ITO EN Research & Development


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