3 Aphrodisiac Teas to Invigorate Your Valentine’s Day 

Aphrodisiac teas


Tea is an excellent beverage of choice for intimate occasions due to a powerful feel-good molecule in tea called theanine. It’s thanks to theanine’s relaxing effect that tea makes a great social lubricant to stimulate authentic conversations and connections between individuals. When it comes to enhancing your personal performance or simply the mood of a romantic date, aphrodisiacs have been used for centuries to assist in setting the stage for intimacy.

In particular, tea blends have been utilized around the world to include unique herbs, roots, and spices, that once steeped up as tea, release fragrant aromatic chemicals and naturally trigger the libido to kick in. In preparation for Valentine’s Day this year, we have chosen to highlight 3 ingredients that can help you create a loving atmosphere.


Licorice Root & Bergamot Oil

Earl of Grey tea


The oil of bergamot in earl grey tea, it turns out, has long been used as an aromatic aphrodisiac to reduce muscle tension, anxiety, and stress. At The Tea Spot, we’ve also added a touch of licorice root, considered an excellent edible and aromatic aphrodisiac, to our Earl of Grey. Traditional Chinese medicine used licorice root to enhance love and lust and the ancient Kama Sutra included it as an ingredient for many recipes to increase sexual vigor!  According to research done at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, the smell of licorice root is particularly stimulating to women.



Rose and Petals Tea


The visual beauty of rosebuds, coupled with their strong aromatic quality, have also often been used in calming teas, as well as ingredients in soothing bath oils, candles, and fragrances. But research unveils that rosebuds may do more than simply calm us down. Rosebuds are, indeed, an aphrodisiac. Their aroma stimulates the brain and keeps the mind focused while also acting as a great mood enhancer to amplify the libido. Rose essence is said to increase blood flow through the body and allows a warm sense of stimulation. For those who believe that nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like a rose, our Rose & Petals tea will surely sweep your sweetheart off their feet!



 Jasmine Pearls Tea

Jasmine is another floral aromatic aphrodisiac that has a rich, seductive quality. It’s been enjoyed for centuries for increasing libido and is one of the more popular ingredients in perfumes for this exact reason. Sharing a few cups of our Meditative Mind, a white tea blend sprinkled with rosebuds and green tea jasmine pearls or simply going for pure Jasmine Pearls, can be the perfect start to a romantic Valentine’s evening with your sweetheart.


Just keep in mind the quote by the travel writer Catherine Donzel: “Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage”. Put out a small vase of fresh flowers in varied colors, exuding delicious fragrance, or an exotically scented candle. They’ll share their perfume with the tea as it steeps and contributes to the lovely feeling of romance in the air.


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