A Women’s Quest Adventure

Womens Quest Adventure

Winning an entry to this year’s Colorado Women’s Quest was a total blessing. The night before I had plopped on the couch, overwhelmed by the events of my work week. But by entering in The Tea Spot’s sweepstakes just hours before the deadline, I had the fortune of winning the “lucky ticket!” Lucky and timely indeed. Like I said, the days leading up to this adventure were a myriad of work and life stress mounting quicker than I could catch my feet, but as Friday rolled around I found myself immersed in a community of open, energetic, and courageous women from all over the country!

Womens Quest Adventure
I’ve got a new glow as I head back into the grind. This is because we hiked towards blue skies. We stretched our bodies to amplify balance and strength. We drew energy from the earth and deemed well for ourselves, our loved ones, and the universe. We sipped tea in the mountain air, savoring unique aromas and tastes from our lips, through our teeth, and down our throat. We sang, “Why worry when you can wonder?”
Womens quest adventure
I wonder where my next adventure will take me…. Because of my time with Women’s Quest, I’ve learned that adventures can come in large and small packages and that shifting a perspective towards love, forgiveness, and gratitude can take you to amazing places near and far.
– Grace L. from Longmont, Colorado

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