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Best Outdoor Gear: Editors’ Choice, Fish Alaska Magazine

by Fish Alaska Magazine


Editors’ Choice: Mountain Tea Tumbler

Perfect for tea drinkers in the outdoors, Steepware makes this 16-ounce tumbler that includes a fine mesh, stainless-steel infuser for loose teas. The insulated bottle steeps and keeps your tea hot (or cold) for hours. It’s easy to clean. We use ours both on the go, and in the outdoors.

Fish Alaska Magazine

These are the best fishing gear and the best outdoor gear award categories for Fish Alaska’s 2019 Editors’ Choice Awards.

As we have for many years, we tested a wide range of outdoor gear during the 12-month period from January 2018 through December 2018, and the fishing products and outdoor gear below are those that have earned 2019 Editors’ Choice Awards.

Fish Alaska staff and writers spent thousands of hours, cumulatively, testing the best outdoor gear to determine which were worthy of being called the best fishing gear and the best outdoor gear for 2019.

With so many 2019 fishing and outdoor gear awards, there is likely something that you’ve been considering buying. If you find it within the Editors’ Choice Awards section, you can rest assured that it will be a good buy!

Editors Choice Award Outdoor Gear


Mountain Tumbler

Steepware Mountain Tea Tumbler by The Tea Spot

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