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Bon Appétit - 25 Gifts for Your Valentine That Go Beyond a Bouquet

by Aleksandra Crapanzano

From fragrant rose harissa to a decadent chocolate cake decorated with buttercream rosettes, everything’s coming up roses.

"The link between red roses and romantic love dates at least as far back as ancient Greece, when it was said that Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, pricked her ankle on a white rose as she rushed to Adonis, her dying lover. The white rose instantly turned red, and red roses became forevermore inextricably linked with the intensity of her love. It would, however, take until the 17th century for roses to become the Valentine’s Day gift, and while few things set a heart aflutter like a dozen long-stemmed roses, there’s no reason to stop there: It’s time to think beyond the bouquet. Below you’ll find 25 Valentine’s Day food gifts that will cast a rosy hue over the entire day."

Rosebuds and Petals Tea

"For a truly romantic gesture, float fresh rose petals in a bath and brew a pot of floral afternoon tea... For perfect buds and petals that can be steeped alone or added to a favorite black, white, or green tea, turn to The Tea Spot."

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