Boulder Blues Teatini

Serve it in a frosted mini martini glass, and you’ll never regret missing the vodka in this satisfyingly complex botanical infusion.

Yields: Three 4-oz servings

 Green Tea-tini Mocktail


1 TBS (8 grams) Boulder Blues green loose leaf tea

2 basil leaves, torn and activated in the palm of your hand - give it a good smack!

3 - 4 slices cucumber

1 small or 1/2 medium lime, thinly sliced

Optional garnish: basil leaves



16 oz wide-mouth Mason jar

Craft Cold Brew Filter



Combine ingredients in a 16 oz mason jar. Stir to mix well.

Screw on Craft Cold Brew Filter.

Let infuse for at least 45 minutes, in fridge.

Serve well chilled.

Yield: Three 4-5 oz drinks

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