Brewed Cold. Real Cold.

You know those days when you find yourself so completely drained of energy that you miiiiight just collapse in the dairy aisle at King Soopers when all you want is a gallon of 2%? (As a side-note, people would stare. And they would be right to stare.)

Wicka, wicka, reeeewind. Tuesday night, this kid was feeling just that. AND IT WAS ONLY THE BEGINNING OF THE WEEK. So I needed to call in some backup, and you’re reading a tea blog, so you know I’m not talking about the booze.

I’m talking about tea.

But being as energy drained as I was, I couldn’t bear to bring water to a boil and yada, yada, yada, so I opted to cold brew instead. I threw (literally, with anger, thew) a few tablespoons of delicious Boulder Blues into my favorite carafe, filled it with water, and, as a certain popular infomercial would proclaim, “I set it, and forg[ot] it!”

In the morning, a glum haze over my contact-less eyes, I decanted the cold brew with my Key Lime Tuffy Steeper, and chugged some. Now, this tea is waaay too good to be chugged like a college freshman at the lip of a Coors Light, but, when you’re as tired as I was, decorum and forbearance go out the window. Out.

Tuffy Steeper

There’s a picture above, so you can drool. But don’t forget to hop  over to the online store and grab some, so you can resuscitate yourself during the next round of daily grind. And you know there’s gonna be a next time. There always is.

I’m Collin, and as always, I’m talking about tea.

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