Delicious Tea Drinks

Tea DrinkThis week finds me appreciating tasty tea concoctions made with various distilled spirits.

The art of concocting deliciously balanced booze drinks really needs no justification or introduction. That being said, allow me to provide some interesting drink recipes for you to try in the comfort and privacy of your own home, and afterwards, you can score bragging rights for sharing these amazing concoctions with your buddies.

The Irish Earl:
This hot tea toddy is perfect for cooler weather. Which is perfect since we are still getting random snowstorms here in Colorado in the middle of May.
*Steep 1 tsp of TeaSpot’s Earl of Grey for 4-5 minutes in 7 ounces of boiling water.
*Remove tea leaves, then add 1 ounce (that’s a shot glass worth for you novices) of Bailey’s Irish Cream.
*I said, Enjoy!
Tango Tea:
*Steep 3 tsp of TeaSpot’s Mango Tango for 3-4 minutes in 8 ounces of boiling water.
*Pour over ice into a martini shaker to chill
*Blend 1/4 cup mango slices (or mango juice/puree) with a sprig of mint and a squeeze of honey
*Add tea and 2 oz fruit brandy or cognac
*Add ice to preference
The Anne Grenade:
*Steep 4 tsp of TeaSpot’s Red Rocks in 8 ounces of boiling water for 5 minutes (or more, if you have time)
*Fill a martini shaker 3/4 full with ice, pour tea over ice and shake to chill
*In a 16 ounce pint glass, pour 1 ounce vodka and 1 oz Chambord over ice
*Fill remaining volume with iced Red Rocks tea
*Consume with relish. The verb relish, not the condiment.
Green Roasted Mint Mojito:
*Steep 3 tsp TeaSpot’s Green Roasted Mint in 8 ounces of 175 degree water for 3 minutes.
*Fill a martini shaker 3/4 full with ice, pour tea over ice and shake to chill
*Muddle 2-4 sprigs fresh mint, 1-2 lime wedges, and cane sugar or agave in a 16 ounce pint glass
*add ice to glass
*Fill remaining volume with iced Green Roasted Mint tea
Boulder Blues Marteani:
*Steep 1-2 tsp TeaSpot’s Boulder Blues in 8 ounces of 175 degree water for 2 1/2 minutes.
*Fill a martini shaker halfway with ice and add half of the steeped tea (4 ounces)
*Add 8 ounces lemon vodka and a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice
*Shake, shake, shake!
*Pour into frozen martini glass
If you aren’t loaded by now, you must be passed out on the couch! If anyone else has any delicious drink recipes to share, shoot!


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