Fall Is Here!

Finally, it seems like fall has set in. Leaves are flying, the air is cooler, my nice down comforter has emerged once more from the closet to shelter me through the cold months. And as my bedsheet situation changes with the seasons, so too does my beverage recipe book. It’s time for teas that warm, teas that calm, teas that say “come here, take off your boots, just you sit and sip me for a while.” One of the best parts of this season is that there are so many teas that match this odd yet relatable set of criteria: whether you prefer the fiery taste of Lapsang Souchong or the creamy complexity of our Earl of Grey, it’s a great time for bold teas with bold flavors.

Personally, I look forward to whipping out some of my favorite cambric (tea latté) recipes when the thermometer drops. The preparation for these drinks is simple: brew up a double-strong batch of your favorite tea (black teas always work best), and simply add hot milk. Work with the ratio to suit your tastes. I generally prefer about a 65/35 tea/milk split. Sweeten with a little Colorado honey if you so desire (though the teas hardly require). Here’s my list of suggestions for the ultimate fall cambric:

adaptogenic chai
A super-charged blend of five teas, and 22 spices and herbs formulated to provide a refreshing daily lift for people with active, high-energy lifestyles. Climber’s High is a high-powered way to increase your intake of beneficial antioxidants such as flavonoids and catechins, as well as a host of healthy vitamins, trace minerals, beneficial phyto-constituents, and caffeine.

Climber’s High

This tea’s strength and complexity makes it an excellent choice with milk–the combination of chai spices, a little chocolate, a little mint, and heavy base of black tea and roasted maté, oh my.

Bolder Breakfast

Little needs to be said about this one–a few strong black teas, a little dark chocolate, and some warm milk. I know, you want it right now.

Shagadelic English Breakfast

For the purist–this 4 part black tea blend makes an excellent cuppa.

Red Rocks

I can’t preach enough about the incredible flavor and versatility of this tea. A Red Rocks Cambric tastes like a dewdrop from decaf heaven when the rain and snow is falling. Nothing calms me down after a long day like this beverage, and I highly recommend it for both the caffeine sensitive and the everybody else in the world.

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